The Garden Party dilemma

First invite to a long running neighborhood garden party. The rule is that you have to bring a mixed drink inspired by a) something growing in your garden or b) something that reasonably approximates (a) for somebody else's garden around here. And this is happening in a week (so, rush to prep/vet a drink --- and it's going to be hot). I've got a few interesting things going on in the yard:

  • raspberries
  • rosemary
  • sage
  • mint

Unfortunately, the raspberries are a few weeks past their harvest. And rosemary and sage don't really build on one another. Mint is an odd-ball. I also have a bit of mead stored up I could use to make a "sparkling" something.. and a honey simple syrup would be a good adjunct to a good variety of drinks.

A honey simple syrup seems to be common (possibly with the sage added in... might have to make a tiny test batch). Then, there's the typical strong (gin) and weak (either orange or lime juice). And the garnish (again, orange and lime, respectively). What I'm not so sure of is if I should use a stronger, more juniper-intense gin or stick with a more subdued variety. Or if I should go the crazy route and try and alter another vodka to get a clean citrus/juniper infusion with the acidic bite I'm after. I'd ultimately prefer that, but I'm just not sure I have the time.


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