Beer #6 is aging

Since it is aging, I managed to get a taste. The executive summary is that it is okay and has an FG of 1.022 (~4.5% ABV, which is progress).

Mistake #1 (no, it wasn't adding hops to a stout - stouts are better bitter) was the hop ball. In theory, it'd work magically. I just overstuffed it. So my beer didn't turn out quite as bitter as it should have for the hops I put in it. Unfortunately, I only noticed towards the end of my hops boil. I should have boiled longer, but I didn't. I boiled the rest of the hops for a short time (normally to balance out some hop flavor, but in a stout aroma hops are a little silly).

So I need to shake harder, and use better water. I'm not sure that the better water is an option. However, the beer is getting marginally better. So maybe it'll be good in a few years. Horrah!


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