Angsty; Time for a change

I hate being angst ridden. I really do. It makes me feel like the terribly unpleasant characters from southpark. But some days you can't help it. Good thing Korn popped up on the play list. Nothing like incredibly hard drums and a ridiculous bass line to cure the mood. It's taken me until now to realize why the band is only popular with the teen crowd (and especially their particular demographic). It makes the musical choice of older generations (softer, happier, less angst) make a lot more sense, though I could be WAY over-generalizing.

So, being a new year and all, I suppose I should have some resolutions. High among them should be just to try more and different things. I tried a few last year, but I fear I half-assed a lot of it. I shouldn't do that this year. I'd like to get back into hobbies which I've neglected and do the things I do every day better.

I want to:

  • come up with a better scheme/style for this site & keep it up

  • play/produce better music

  • take better pictures & put them through a whole workflow

  • dress better

  • communicate better

  • keep in much better shape

  • be more productive at work

  • actively seek out ways & means by which I can improve

I think my old psych class called this self-actualization. I should start by getting more sleep...


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