I'm becoming disappointed in the Occupy Wall St. Movement

I had a discussion at work friday, and I realized I was actually a little disappointed in the OWS movement, especially at places like UC Davis. This artile (which basically highlights recent examples of excessive force and makes the argument that this is, at least, police-state-esque) is a perfect example. What started as a movement to protest wealth inequality is being transformed into a "right to protest" movement. Which completely misses the entire point.

When's the last time you've heard a news article about "the demands" of OWS or any ideas for economic reform (not that the media was ever really good at reporting that)? The fight now seems entirely concerned with staying in parks, which is a fight that can be won in the courts (but ultimately doesn't matter).

Further, I think they're damaging any good will they had by forcing police action (justified or not). You don't look like a hero to middle america me by getting maced and resisting arrest. You look like a hero to other protest douchebags, but I think other people like me just see those people as just "wanting to get arrested."

The police are definitely part of the 99%. The OWS movement should be doing everything it can to work within the local law enforcement systems (which I would argue are probably too small to be seriously corrupt in all places but the largest cities) in order to ingratiate themselves with people who actually CAN make a difference. To use an extreme example, look at how effective Egyptian protests were when they actively welcomed the military and made sure they were on the same side.

In short, this whole fight to occupy specific places seems entirely beside the point (and a PR mistake). The movement should be larger and less combative with "boots on the ground" folks.

And it needs to translate into a political movement before all goodwill and momentum is lost. I have to hand it to the Tea Party; they managed to take a cause and organize to steer an election. OWS could learn a thing something from them.


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