The house of projects

When I bought a condemned house, I realized there would be several projects. Some for the short term and more long term. But I didn't expect for it to be quite like this. And not nearly this interesting. Currently on the docket:

  • A driveway. Currently, I park on dirt/mud. This needs to be rectified, but is complicated by the fact that I believe my sewer hookup goes underneath the driveway. So nothing expensive/permanent.

  • Facade revamp. The house has no curb appeal. And the front is high-maintenance. The stairs need to be replaced, so I'm either going back to something similar (with prairie grass) or building a retaining wall ($$$). Leaning towards grass with awesome decking stairs.

  • The fencing was a wreck. Now it is half down. Another, more functional deck needs to be put in. Bonus if I can incorporate it into the gardening.

  • The back deck is a horrible concrete slab. And a mere 4' deep. It needs to be removed & something usable put in it's place

  • Misc landscaping to make the back yard more usable after the other structural adjustments

  • Lighting installation. Because houses with lights at night look awesome. Smart controls. LEDs for lower power consumption. Bonus for colors.

  • Automatic smart irrigation. I want happy plants without thinking too much. Soil moisture should be monitored & logged with water application so that I can graph it up later.

  • Highly available internet. A project to learn the ropes of high availability & routing (for work) with the added benefit of a more interesting security system.

  • Hang picture rails. Because I have art that needs to be on the walls.

Smarts to be provided by a mash-up of arduino, android, and linux. Hopefully sharable and low-power. Must be component-ized (or I'll never get an implementation). And this all needs to happen while I continue to work, garden, socialize, and get my bills in on time.

ETA: ongoing. "Before" pictures to be added soon.


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