Done with UCD; done with college; nearly done with UNC. Unfortunately, done with Europe for quite some time. It has been rather good to me, and I will miss it. But it is time to open a new segment of my life as ... an adult. Weird. This one kinda sneaked up on me (and believe it or not, "sneaked" is the more correct past form of "sneak"... I noticed as my spell checker didn't pick up "snuck").

So plans? You bet. I am on a marathon trip back to the US on Thursday. Making an undisclosed trip for that weekend (maybe just friday and saturday), and should be back in the hickory/charlotte area for some part of 2 weeks. Then, I'll be back in Raleigh to start with SAS. Oh, and we'll see if I can get a side business started in that time. I'm hoping to use the plane flight as coding time.


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