site trouble; identity crisis

It seems that I've been having a bit of site trouble. My main page got deleted from the server somehow some time ago. Due to me traveling a lot lately, I haven't been able to check up. But, everything seems to be back to running (thank goodness for backup copies).

And now, my poor little site is having an identity crisis. I'm no longer off to Dublin. In fact, I'm quite bound to Raleigh. So I figure I'll need to re-tag it shortly. It isn't like I'm going to give the domain or the site up -- I have way to much crap stored around.

Yet to be uploaded:
- Paris pictures
- more people pictures
- final Dublin pictures

Yet to be written up
- the British con-artists in Paris (the Veronika story)
- the horrid plane ride home
- Emily's 21st (how to screw somebody in quarters)

And I'm sure moving back to Raleigh will prove interesting. Oh yeah, and starting work...


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