Beer #6 recipe

I should be writing this in a notebook, but I'm downstairs with a laptop and my notebooks are upstairs (and I'd be hard pressed to find a writing utensil). So I'll write the recipe here, with the complete intention on transcribing it later.

- Can of hopped malt extract (I used an Irish ale kit can).
- 3.3 kg of dark malt extract (I think mine was unhopped).
- 1 oz Fuggles hops (because I like hops)

0 ) Start the yeast. This time, I used a smack pack, but even if I didn't, I'd be re-hydrating for a few hours.
1 ) Sanitize. I'm not convinced of the necessity, but it does inspire me to sanitize about 1/2 the surface area in the kitchen.
2 ) Heat the can of malt extract. This helps the extract come out easier.
3 ) Boil about a gallon of water. Add the can of extract and put a bag of extract into warm water (timing isn't terribly important).
4 ) Add the can of extract to the water. Bring to a boil, wait for the proteins to rise. Skim them off.
5 ) CAREFULLY add about 3/4 of the hops. The water will expand by about 1/2 volume. Don't let it boil over (remove the hops or remove the pot from heat or both). Once that settles out, re-add the hops. Boil that for 30 minutes.
6 ) Add the other 1/4 oz of hops and continue the boil.
NOTE: I was using a tea ball about the size of my fist for the hops... probably about 1 ball to 1/3 oz max. If you add the hops directly, you'll need to strain the wort after the boil.
7 ) Add the wort to the fermenter and let it cool.
8 ) Add water to lower the temperature and bring the wort up to volume (I use about 4 gallons). Add water until you get the gravity you want - today's SG was 1.060 @ 90F.
9 ) Aerate like a beast.
10) Once the wort is cool enough, pitch. I'm impatient, so I let it get to about 90 degrees before I pitch because warmer environments can kill yeast. But you should be fine at 90F.
11) Seal, airlock, put away for about a week.

I'll let you know how it turns out. Hopefully, my yeast won't fall out early this time.


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