Personal Project #74

I started in on Alison's site today. She has some ideas that she wants to put into a simplified CMS. So rather than writing the whole thing from scratch, I figured the best way to do it would be to start with a LAMP system and install s9y. Then I should be able to hyjack a lot of the db code and make a simplified view. Problem is, I don't know smarty. Or php (well). But I'm making progress.

I got the dev environment set up tonight. I've got php + apache + s9y running. I've got the s9y distro under svn and live on the server. I've got a couple of entries in the db. I've narrowed my search down 1 or 2 s9y functions, but I can't seem to pull/display data through them. But if I had, this would have been a trivial project.

So tomorrow, we'll see if I can pull some data from the db.


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